Monday, August 10, 2015

About us!

About us

Oli wanted to help make crafts with me :)
We both work at Pharmaceutical companies and enjoy doing what we love; which is helping those in need! We both have about an hour commute to work but we enjoy that time before and after work to unwind and it gives us time to think about life. We work very hard around our beautiful house, we live on 5 acres which gives us plenty of things to do! We also enjoy our hobby of crafting and woodworking! I love the see the look on our family, friends, and customers when we build them something they LOVE! In our free time we ride our motorcycle. We have a Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail and enjoy riding the country roads and going on trips. We genuinely love to hang out with each and are truly meant for each other.

We went on a weekend getaway to St. Louis on the Motorcyle.

Our Love Story

We stopped by The freeze on our wedding day!

Working at The Freeze when we were in High School!
We were both born in Indiana! We met at an Ice cream shop called "The Freeze" where we both worked while in High School. We knew early on we would end up together & had so much fun falling in love with each other during our dating days. We dated for 7 years before Chris proposed in Gatlinburg, TN. I was completely overjoyed & excited to start planning the wedding! Ten months later we were married in Brazil, Indiana. We had a beautiful ceremony & felt so loved and supported by our friends & family. It’s been almost 4 years of marriage so far, & we really do love each more than ever. We have over come so many changelles in our releastionship and i cant be more happy that we have each other to get though life together forever!

In 2004 when we first stated dating.


Our Family

We have a big family that helps us and supports us in everything we do! We are blessed that most of our family lives very close or in driving distance. We get together on a regular basis and have fun and enjoy ourselves together.
Chris's Side of the Family

Brittney's Mom Side of the Family
Brittney's Dad Side of the Family

Our Dog 
We also have our Goldendoodle! His name is Oli and we adore him as he has brought so much joy to our lives during a difficult time. He is the most loving, playful, relaxing dog and we are very thankful for him. I would say he is the best dog ever! He is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle which are both great breeds. Oli loves to be around children, loves to meet new people, and loves visitors!


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