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Hello! We have felt SO loved, supported & encouraged by so many of YOU since making our big announcement! I can't even to begin to tell you how it makes us feel to get all the texts, calls, messages, and kind words that we have received in the last week.

We have been incredibly busy this year making items for the Covered Bridge Festival! As some of you may or may not know Adoption is very expensive; we have been working very hard because 100% of the money raised at the festival this year will go towards our adoption! Our goal is to make as many items as we can to raise as much money as we can! We are so blessed and excited to think that all of our hard work will go towards what we have hoped and prayed for!

We have focused quite a bit of time looking into adoption and interviewing agencies so we could be sure we made the right decision. We now have 5 more weeks to finish making all the items we have left to make. We plan to spend every second we have left in doing so! We know that all of our hard work will pay off!

We have been blessed with this incredible opportunity to change the life of a child and make our family whole. Thanks in advance for everyone's support along this journey!

This year the dates are October 9th- 18th from 9am-6pm daily! This year we were offered a great INDOOR spot inside of the "Old Firehouse" on Main Street. We will be in the Southeast section of the building.
Front of the building we will be located in!

Back of the building we will he located in!

Directions to Bridgeton Festival: Turn west off of State Road 59 onto 900 South. Turn left onto Country Road 550 then right onto Hawkins Road. Parking will be on your left.

Follow our Facebook site that has tons of pictures of what we have been making!

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