Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Launching Our T-shirt Fundraiser

Launching Our T-Shirt Fundraiser!

We are really excited about starting our t-shirt fundraiser! We love the shirts we designed and we hope you will too!

-There are 5 t-shirt styles available: unisex, ladies, youth, long sleeved & sweatshirt!

How this fundraiser works:

We've designed our shirt, set our "minimal shirt sales goal" & launched our online t-shirt fundraiser through a site called Bonfire funds. In order for this fundraiser to be successful, we have to sell at least 100 t-shirts in 2 weeks! As long as we meet this "minimum shirt sales goal", Bonfire prints & ships all shirts directly to our supporters!

If we are not able to reach our minimum shirt sales goal, our fund ends, no shirts are made, no one is charged & no money is exchanged. If (when!) we do meet our goal, Bonfire will print, ship & charge you for your order. SO, in order to meet our goal, we have to sell at least 100 shirts in 2 weeks! We are hoping to go over & beyond this goal with your help!!!

How you can help:

1. Please consider joining our journey by purchasing a t-shirt!

To view & purchase our t-shirts visit:
2. We would love for you to share our Bonfire page on your social media outlets & with your friends & family! Spreading the word about this fundraiser is crucial to its success!

3. Continue to pray for our fundraising efforts! We are confident that God is calling us to adopt & is going to help us bring in the money we need to do so!

We have 2 weeks to reach our goal!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of such an exciting time in our lives!!!


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