Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of 2015 and the beginning of 2016

So much has happen this month and we are excited to tell you all!
(Exciting news coming fundraiser event is going to be so much FUN!)

Home Study Progress:
This week we had our home visit which is the last thing to finish our home study! She hopes to have the paper part finished up by the end of this week (she is a school social worker and wants it done before she goes back to school) but she has until the end of January to complete it. So are fingers are crossed that she has it completed this week! Once this is complete we will be approved and ready to be matched with a birthmother/family!  

Adoption Letter Progress:
Our designer (Our Chosen Child) will have the final proof to us this week! Once we approve it and LOVE it then she will turn it over to her boss to review it! Once they approve it then it goes to our agency for approval! Once everyone approves it they order ONE letter and have it overnighted to make sure everything looks the way we want it to look! Once that is approved then we get the go ahead to order 50 copies for potential birthmothers/families!

Online Profile Progress:
Once our agency approves our letter then we copy and paste the 'text' over to our online profile! We will be able to add lots of pictures to it also! This is the easiest part of this process!  

Once these three items are finished then we are on the WAITING LIST to be MATCHED with a birthmother/family! This is so exciting! 

Update on the Success of the Breakfast with Santa:
This was a VERY fun event! We had so much fun seeing all the kiddos and families that came to support us! We were able to profit $1900 from this event which was a huge relief! Thank you all for you that came to support it!

Furniture & Custom orders:
I can't thank everyone enough that has had us make furniture or decorations for them! It means so much to us that everyone loves what we do! All these orders has KEPT us very busy this year and been a huge blessing for Baby Morris! With that being said we are taking a break in January and February from building furniture and crafts due to the cold weather (stain and paint just won't dry very good when it's cold)! We will be opening back up in March for a few orders (more information about this will be coming soon) then we will be starting on CBF 2016 items!  

Fundraising successful in 2015:
We need to save and pay $31,600 for adoption. We are at 67% of our funding goal already! This year so far has been a huge success! We are very thankful  & blessed for the talent we have to be able to have a booth at the Covered Bridge Festival and it helped us get half way to our goal! We have been able to get to this goal selling T-shirts, CBF, KEEP Collective donation, Bake sales, Scott Vest singing Gig, making furniture and orders, Breakfast with Santa, Puzzle Fundraiser, and DONATIONS! We would not be this successful with YOU!! We have lots of fun things planned for 2016! 

                    Puzzle update!
We have 125 pieces to go! We are almost half way full already! This has been a huge success so far and we are blessed to have so many people help us with our missing piece to becoming a family! Everyone who donates to our adoption through this fundraiser becomes a permanent part of our adoption journey; a piece of our puzzle! If you want to participate in this fundraiser then please go to !

Here's how it works:

~We have customized a 200 piece puzzle. Each piece will represent someone who donated to help us bring Baby Morris home!

~We are selling each puzzle piece for $20. You can choose to buy 1, 2, 3, or 10! There is no limit!

~Your name will be written on the back of each piece you represent!

~ To get your puzzle piece, go to!

~ Once you have purchased a piece(s), we will write your name on the back of the puzzle piece(s) and send a picture!

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