Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Update from January

Update from January

 January has been another BUSY month for us! We are excited to share it all with you! 

Homestudy Update:
We have gotten it finished and when our adoption coordinator went to mail it to us Saturday she noticed that my name was spelt ‘Brittany’ instead of Brittney! So she contacted the lady that wrote up the homestudy to have her change it than it will again be ready for everyone to sign off! Fingers crossed that it will be this week!   

Adoption Letter Update:
It is FINISHED!! We have sent the hard copy to the adoption coordinator and she loved it! They didn’t print them on the right card stock weight so they are fixing that but it is finished!

January Fundraising has been successful:
I was able to make 25 sign and sell to amazing supporters! I had 9 that I personalized for donations only which was a huge success!  

WE OPENED OUR ETSY SHOP!! I have already had 3 sales in a week :) We are very thankful! Here is the website and we are open to making custom items too! 

I am hosting a Wine & Crafting which we have 12 lovely ladies purchase tickets for and I am so excited to show them what I love doing! 

Puzzle Update:
The puzzle is 60% full with only 81 pieces left! We are amazed with all those who have supported this fundraiser and sponsored pieces! To get your puzzle piece go here: 

Thanks again:
With all that being said we hope to be approved and LIVE by this week! We are 72% to our fundraising goal and we are hoping to be full financed in May! We have exciting events planned and cant wait to share them with you! Thanks again for everyone's support and prayers during this journey.

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